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Teacher workshop in Maseru Sun, June 21st

On June 21st, Action Ireland Trust hosted a workshop for schools in Hlalele district and the district of Botha Bothe in the North of Lesotho some 60 teachers and principals attended. the meeting was concluded by The Honourable Minister for Education Dr. Phamotse. The minister made a very telling comment about Action Ireland Trust when she said that “so many organisation come and donate and give but Action Ireland Trust bring relationship and friendship with their support which delivers a greater impact and encourages a greater local community participation”.
The meeting and the ministers support and approval paves the way for a growth and expansion in the work of Action Ireland Trust.

Meeting with The new Minister for Education and Skills

Action Ireland Trust education team led by Michael McGlynn this week in Lesotho had a very successful programme which began with a meeting with The new Minister for Education and Skills Dr. Mahali Phamotse. Dr. Phamotse was briefed on AIT projects both in Education and Health and in particular AIT and our partners in this project Unicef for the rolling out of Early Childhood Development Centers. Read More


Fingal Independant Article

The Fingal Independent Newspaper has written a wonderful article regarding all the work carried out by our 88 volunteers in
Lesotho last month. We are delighted with the coverage and invite you to have a read of the article.
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