Balloons, Bubbles and Bracelets

The balloons and bubbles we brought to the playschool in Lusikisiki fascinated the children and even the teachers.

The single room had no furniture. There was a blanket on the floor and a few old toys in the corner. We blew bubbles and the children jumped around trying to pop them. When we blew up balloons, they lined up in single file and were so polite. They couldn’t believe there was a balloon for each of them. It was amazing to see how a balloon and bubbles could brighten up their day so much, and how thankful the students and teachers were for the happiness it gave them.

At the second school outside Flagstaff we made loom band bracelets with pupils of different ages. I was astounded at how quickly some of the children got the hang of making the bracelets. When others had difficulty, we took them into a much smaller group and taught them one-to-one until they understood the process. We made spare bracelets in case some of the students hadn’t finished theirs by the end of the class. The children were incredibly happy when they’d made their own bracelets and showed them proudly to their teachers and peers. Many didn’t understand that once they’d made a bracelet they could keep it. When they tried to give it back, we explained it was theirs. The look of contentment on their faces showed how happy and grateful they were for so little.

Ciara Coates and Aoife S.Byrne

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