Action Ireland Trust has no administration costs relating to office accommodation or staff.   All funds raised go directly to projects.

All income raised is used to support our social goals, as we do not have any administration costs relating to offices and staff, practically all funds raised go directly to projects in Lesotho.

In South Africa for example the funds raised assisted in the construction of 12 foster homes, 4 crèche facilities, 8 feeding centres, an ARV clinic, a sanitation block at a large second level school and ICT facilities in 3 schools.

Since 2011 in Lesotho the funds raised have supported our educational and medical programmes, built new classrooms, an administration block, an IT facility and a poultry resource.

In 2014 we constructed a science block and kitchen facility at Hlalele HS together with the planting and harvesting of a commercial crop for this community. In 2014 we completed the development of sanitation facility at Hlaele HS.

In Roma we continue to renovate the 1935 hospital, with over 80% of the facility now re roofed, 30% re floored and 30% re painted. With the assistance of DHL we have brought 4 containers of equipment and resources including an ambulance and medical supplies. With the assistance of The HSE we have supplied Roma hospital with new beds and general fittings. Through the support of Electric Aid Ireland we are rewiring and lighting both Hlalele HS and Roma Hospital. 2014 will see the continuation of the design of a solar system to heat Roma Hospital and to provide an irrigation system to the market garden at Hlalele HS. We have forged a strategic partnership with Austria Aid and are currently installing a solar system at the hospital. A significant contribution from Fingal CC staff will go towards the installation of a bore hole and well at the hospital.

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