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2013 : Following a number of meetings with the Lesotho Dept of Health and Hospital Administration and working with the Hospital Facility Management Team,  Action Ireland Trust undertook an indebt evaluation of the hospital infrastructure and agreed a 5 year plan of action to improve patient facilities and staff working conditions in the Hospital.  The plans also included a programme to upskill the facility management team .

Action Ireland Trust building management team installed a state of the art Dentist Chair and our Dentist Martin Tyire worked diligently during our visit  to introduce a greatly improved and sustainable level of dental care for the community.

A new floor finish was installed in the Female  Ward and the ward painted and new curtains fitted. The leaking galvanised roof on 2 wards was replaced as was the rotten timber supporting structure. The floor covering was replaced on the main hospital corridor and the corridor painted and broken windows repaired.

2014: New Roof Guttering and 50,000 litre rain water recovery tank was installed to provide water for hospital maintenance and working with the hospital  team we continued to replace the corroded galvanised roof throughout the hospital.  Also painted the maternity ward and recovery rooms, the hospital kitchen and store rooms.  Our electrical team rewired the kitchen area and installed new lights in the main hospital corridor, there were no lights in this area before.  With plans to install Solar Water Heating in the Hospital in 2015, funding and arrangements were put in place for the hospital facility manager to attend a 3 day course on Solar Energy and equipment Maintenance.


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