About Us


Each February, Portmarnock Community School sends more than 50 transition year students, parents, teachers and friends with a cross section of skills in construction, health and education to engage in a program of work in impoverished areas in countries in Southern Africa.

For the last 5 years this work has centered on the Lusikisiki community in The Eastern Cape, South Africa: An area which has been devastated by the HIV virus in recent years. This was in support of the work of the charities,”Friends In Ireland” and “Amawele”.

Now the hugely successful project moves to a new phase and a new country, Lesotho. The school, project leaders, parents and students hope to repeat the successes of the last 5 years by bringing practical help and relief to the people who live in equally disadvantaged areas of this country.


As activities & events relating to Action Ireland Trust are planned & confirmed, we will continue to update this schedule. Be sure to follow our Facebook Page for additional information & photos from all our activities & events.

May 6th, 2015 – Young Social Innovators
May 9th, 2015 – Mapathon at Loreto Stephen’s Green
May 13th, 2015 – The Mansion House Dublin
May/June – Race Night



The team each year consists entirely of 50 transitiion year students and voluteer parents and teachers from Portmarnock Community School. It is a hugely successful program, not only assisting the projects in Africa, but also in establishing a sense of achievement, pride and accomplishment in the student body.

Through our various activities and projects the students learn discipline, the value of hard work and how their involvement can truely achieve great things and bring safety, happiness and health benefits to those in dire need of our help.


Working with local communities in developing countries on the principle of self help as fundamental to any activities.

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