Action Ireland Trust as an organisation works with local communities in developing countries on the principle of self help as fundamental to any activities. All projects are negotiated with local community leaders and a memorandum of understanding is agreed. Currently our major projects are located in two communities Roma and Hlalele both some forty kilometers outside Maseru, Lesotho’s capital.
These projects have as their main focus education, primary health care, food security, water harvesting, solar energy installations, infection and disease control, IT training and agricultural training.
On a wider scale in partnership with Dublin Fire Brigade and Fingal CC we are working on a greater capacity building exercise. Fingal and students from Portmarnock Community School have driven a project #MapLesotho which has just completed a 100% mapping of Lesotho. This was achieved through a programme of humanitarian mapping using open street mapping. This very much fits our fundamental principle of self help, self determination and capacity building.
Dublin Fire Brigade have delivered and continue to deliver, training programmes and improvements in equipment and infrastructure so as to move the city of Maseru and beyond towards the establishment of a modern emergency service. All these initiatives look to grow Lesotho’s potential to be modern nation, with the necessary infrastructure to attract inward investment.

How you can participate

If you would like to help participate, or if you feel that you have skills & education to help with capacity building & empowering, we would like to hear from you. Be part of Action Ireland Trust, empowering self-determination & capacity building. Visit our Contact Us page, or email

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