Impact Made

Impact Made

Action Ireland Trust has developed a significant Skills and Knowledge Transfer Programme in Education, Primary Healthcare, Fire Prevention and Town Planning. The engagement of young men and women from Portmarnock Community School and Fingal on such a wide and significant platform has resulted in the creation of a cohort of leaders and civic minded citizens.

Hlalele High School

In Hlalele, the Hlalele High School has moved from the bottom of the school league to being one of the best school in Lesotho, with higher student numbers attending and reduced dropout rate. Our latest project, sees Action Ireland Trust plan a prototype model for an Early Childhood Education Development Centre in Hlalele in partnership with UNICEF.

St. Josephs Hospital, Roma

Our work with St Josephs Hospital, Roma is helping to provide a better hospital environment for the community, staff and patients. Our training course in CPR and Life Support, is being developed to train people in rural villages as First Responders and our Medical Team and Dentist continues to support the Primary Care model in rural areas and St Joseph’s Out Patients Clinics.


Working with local communities in developing countries on the principle of self help as fundamental to any activities.

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