At Ha Hlalele High School, our extensive training programme for teachers and management has seen the school academic performance improve dramatically over the last three years.  The dramatic improvement in educational levels and achievements and results is very encouraging for the work and effort of Action Ireland Trust in this sector and a direct result of the Skills Sharing Programme.  Furthermore the teaching staff at Hlalele are now taking their new found “Skill Sets” to 5 other schools beyond Ha Hlalele.

Action Ireland Trust’s computer training programme continues to encourage the school and the wider community to embrace this resource, so as to grow learning and knowledge among the people.

Action Ireland Trust extends it’s teacher training programme to 8 new schools.  This was consolidated at a workshop where 100 people from across education services including students and right to the top with the presence of The Honourable Minister for Education Dr. Mahali Phamotse.

The workshop was lead by Ha Hlalele teachers and established Ha Hlalele HS and it’s principal and staff as facilitators for the future direction of continuous professional development of teachers. The key message was self evaluation and teacher collaboration within subjects and as a whole school community to include parents and learners.

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